As I drive to work today

I really did write this on my way to work I was thinking about Ryder and tears started to fall, I thought wow all these people are wondering what the hell so I imagined somebody asking this. at what my answer would be..

As i drive to work today

As I drive to work today
you will see tears always falling from my eyes 
while streaming down my pale tired face
Why you say? Well because they do that every 
day as they fall for all of my lost loves in
my past and happiness that comes but  never last
For all of my sons whom I hold so dear and their
future which looks bleak that I now fear
the thought that I will die all alone for everytime
I knock there is never anyone home
I cry for all my sorrow and deep regrets 
for all of the good friends that I have lost
and will never forget f
or a son I have lost
who is not mine whom I searched forever but |
could not find all of the h
omeless ones now living on the streets with the dying addicts I will never meet for truth and justice that
never come and all the innocence lost to some
Is that the answer that you seek because those
reasons are just a peek?

For peace and strength no longer mine and
the will to live I can no longer find
The battle lost that has now taken its toll as
the darkness came and destroyed my soul
A heart that has broken beyond repair that 
is filled with so much anger and despair
for hero's lost in all our wars and their loved
ones who open that door for those who 
weep for all of their loved ones lost in stupid
wars and the holocaust for a love whose heart
will never be mine yet I wait till the end of time
You see I have so many reasons that I cry but
yet you still asked the question why?

I wonder if I died would anyone even care or am
I alone in my own dark despair will other tears fall
when they bury me or will I be just another lost memory?
my tears fall for so many things like all of the wars that
are fought in religions name and the cost of humanity
that it brings to fight a war all in freedoms name
when freedom does not exists for anyone t
o babies born
to parents lost who will never know the price that it cost
the loneliness that I feel as I live a life that so surreal
I am ready now I am all alone so I cry for god to take
me home
Richard M Knittle Jr. (c)
(c) A #Poets Journey


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