The invisible man

The invisible man

Sometimes when I am
around her I feel like
I must be the invisible man
because no matter what I do
‎ for her or even say
‎to get her attention especially
If there ‎is anybody else around
‎she just looks right through
me as if I am just not around,
‎I wonder If she knows just
‎ how I feel about her or if she
really even cares because
when it feels like their might
be a connection and my heart
starts to call out to her it
‎gets back nothing but the
‎ static of dead air, if I tell
‎ her how much that I
love her will she laugh then
walk away ignoring everything
I had to say, I have even been
wishing on every shooting
star even the ones that are
not falling that she will
finally notice me some day,
I miss what we had at one
time lovers who hid in the
shadows afraid of what might
be said but since we have
become best friends that
know every secret that we hide
telling the other things
‎that we could never say
‎to another of who and where
‎we may with and why. For
‎now I guess it will have to
‎be like it is now until she
‎finally figures it out but
‎i will never stop loving her
‎ like I do so it will need
‎to be from afar and as I
‎stare at her beauty with
with loving eyes whenever
she turns around. I will
Always remember every
Little detail from all the
‎ sights, smells and ‎sounds
from‎ all the time we had
‎spent alone together with
‎each other that I will always
‎treasure at least until we
‎make new ones when that
‎girl finally comes around.

Richard M Knittle Jr. ©
© A #Poets Journey 


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