Live your life for today

Live your life for today

When you need to work so hard for
love, then it was never really
meant to be and no matter
how much it hurts to walk
away you need to make it be.
You have got to open up
your eyes, then finally you
will see, that the ship sailed
long ago leaving you all
alone by yourself in nothing
but an empty sea.
Sometimes you can feel
like you are all alone though
people are all around you
and though you reach out
and try to talk to them they
never hear a sound, they
make excuses to you and
even tell you lies, and when
you question them about it,
now your bad guy. So now
you cannot move forward
and you should never look
back you feel like you are
trying to fight your way
out from a grocery sack.
So you finally decide to make
change instead of always
feeling like you are a fool
you grab your things and
pack your bag with nothing
left around, you are now
feeling still all alone but a
new path in your life has
opened so try to find a
new home! You try to make life
easier doing everything that
you possibly can but no,
your not good enough your
only just in my plans, feeling hurt
and rejected, finding out
more lies, they make you
out to be the bad guy, That
is wrong do not you ever
apologize just for loving
someone you thought cared
because you embrace love
freely no matter what
It is that find out there,
never let anyone take what
you have inside if they don't
want what you have, kick them
to the curb, never run away
and hide. One day I promise
you the right one will come along
someday might not be tomorrow
or the next so never live your
in the past with your memories
always live your life for today.
Richard M Knittle Jr. ©
© A #Poets Journey


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