Passion never known

Passion never known

The time we had shared
together was one that I shall
never forget for when we
kissed that night when we
were holding on to one
another tight out on that
hardwood dance floor the
very existence of who I was
went out the door as I felt
so light as if our souls had
taken control them all you
and I wanted next was to
get home where the passion of the
night brought out the lightning
as it struck the ground where
we lay lighting up the room
while we heard as the thunder
rolled and that is when my
heart started pounding hard
as the blood began to flow
knowing how wrong it was
but our bodies had already taken
control by the time the night
ended total chaos from a love
that was not to be ever known
by anyone but us that to this
day burns inside of me like a
raging fire out of control
never fading I know because
when you looked into my eyes
just moments ago my body
shook like an earthquake
magnitude unknown wanting
to grab you pull you in and kiss
your beautiful lips to see what
explodes then gently lay you
down on the ground as I write a
new masterpiece of art a new
piece of poetry called making love.

Richard M Knittle Jr. ©
© A #Poets Journey


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