Written for a very special friend..


She is Lost in the city of sorrow and pain
and walks among the many searching for blame
her heart has been broken beaten and bruised and
as she pushes it in she thinks she has nothing to lose
for just a brief moment she feels no more pain
more like a child playing in a warm summer rain
she looks to escape from a life of her regrets
now with her demons, she gambles her life is the bet
like so many before her and more to come
addiction has caught her with nowhere to run
she is a beautiful girl and she is still in her teens
this life on the streets was not in her dreams
no money for shelter or even warm clothes
she is so tired and hungry it is winter and cold
yet her body still hers and not up for trade but with enough
money and drugs though she might be swayed
this life she has chosen is not one to be had
her eyes that once sparkled now distant and sad.
this story is now common and is one that is true
I met her out on the streets one day and her name is blue.

Richard M Knittle Jr. ©
©A #Poets Journey


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