New book Preview

Love and Poetry: Lost in Time
coming soon January 2018
This is the first page in the new book i wanted to share with you so you understand how special this book is to me, I think it just may have a piece of every love I have ever had covering the pages sights sounds smells and memories

As I finish my latest poem for this my seventeenth book called “Love and Poetry: Lost in Time I have so many open memories playing in my mind, my heart wanted to replay some of its most special scenes as well as my soul who has danced with some very special loves in its life, causing so many emotions to rain down upon me so much that tears are falling as I am laughing while the pain and the joy take turns mocking me. We all in our lives are filled with the echoes of those that have come and gone with each one leaving a piece of themselves in us and us to them, causing in a kind of reality a change in DNA joining all of us together like a puzzle until the end when the last piece is laid down and the whole picture is finished. Sometimes those lost loves make special appearances throughout our lives, so when you meet and look into the others eyes you will know right then whether there is still a spark left. I have never stopped loving any single one of my past loves, but one in particular still today causes me to continue to fight a raging fire that still burns out of control, we have a relationship that is very complicated and very difficult to understand, it is a kind of love that will never end in one form or another always friends who an confide in the other with secrets that will go to the grave, who when alone let their souls dance in the rain, I myself am very grateful to have known her from the inside out
and know the true beautiful person she is, I will always be there never giving up on her no matter where her soul leads her, when she reads all of the ink that has spilled onto the pages of this book I hope that she will know I will always have a place for her and my heart and soul are still waiting lost in time. I want to thank every person who has ever read any of my Poetry, you are just as special to me as the ones that my soul tells secrets about to my heart.

Love to all and may peace fill your heart and poetry fill your soul until eternity finds forever in the sands of time.

Richard M Knittle Jr. ©
© A #Poets Journey  


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