Saying Goodbye

Renee you have chosen your new path in life and sadly it was not the same path that I am now traveling. In our life we have traveled the road together many times and on many occasions before saying goodbye, but then in the times of trouble when you need me the most we have somehow met at the crossroads until you were able to again travel a different path just to say goodbye again. I am sorry but I must now chose a highway that you will never travel one that leads me far away from you for whenever I try to fix what is broken I break myself.

Saying Goodbye

In my life that has been
filled with so much sorrow
and many regrets there
are so very many moments
that are forever embedded
deeply in all of my most
Precious of memories
that I can't and won't
ever forget for
you see I have finally
faced all of the skeletons
that I have hid away in the
dark and hidden
closets that fill my mind
and I have also beaten down
all of my own demons that
have been haunting me all
this time and I can stand
here and say that I am
now after all these many
years okay with my painful
past that I have regretted
all of this time because 
I have found in life that
you will find all of your
strength you never know
you have in all of the
times and the moments
of your weakness for in those
Instances you will see
how much
inner strength you
have until you survive the
strongest of the storms yet
still stand up and walk
out of the dark cold and alive
and for once after all these
long and hard many years
I have finally been able
to let go of all the hate
and anger that had been
filling my heart so full
and now have come
to a place where I have found
peace with you but more
importantly I have peace within myself
I have been weighed down
with the pain of a broken
heart from your love that
was never mine from the start and
I have been strapped with a
soul that cries in anger for the
loneness of a life that it has had
to bare while carrying the pain
of missing you
I have been lost in the recesses
of my mind while trapped
in all of the memories
of our littered past for
way too long
but baby please know
that it has not
been easy and that as the
tears fall forming a river of
goodbyes please know
that I will always love
you but it is time that I
start moving on with
what is left of my so
called life while realizing
We were never meant to
be I was wrong you were
right after all
it is time that I can
say that this time I am moving on
it is time that I turn away
from you never coming
back while I say with
no uncertainty good
luck and goodbye
Richard M Knittle Jr. ©
© A #Poets Journey


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