I looked up in the
Sky and I saw the
brightest shooting
Star that I have ever seen
It was Shooting across the
Clear cool night tonight
So I thought real hard
of a wish To wish
but I know you
See me
where ever you Are
I know you must be
Chatting with God
Up there in heaven about
Us and different things
and knitting him
Sweaters and blankets
Of every color he has
Ever seen
And instead of using
Your angels wings to
Get around
You ride on all the shooting
Stars that you have found
I bet Grandpa was happy
When you got up there
But i bet he he is mad
Because he cant play Tuesday
Night cards With Jesus
And the saints anywhere
I miss you and I
think about you all
The time and like
You had asked I try not to Cry
but the tears come anyway
And they still Fall
wishing you were still
Here and waiting by the
Phone on my Call
Grandma you are missed
And I hope you hear
Me when we talk
But I am sure you busy
Doing what God ask
Of you so for know i will
Let you go just
Know that I will
Always love you..
Richard M Knittle Jr. (c)
(c) A #Poets Journey


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