So that I can fly

Baby, I just wanted to let you know
that after you had passed away
on that very sad but happy day when
God himself gave you pity and sent
his angel of mercy down to take away
all of your pain that I missed you so
very much that I decided that I was
going to build a rocket ship for two
just so that I could fly away high
above up into the night skies to come
and see you while I visit all the stars
that we had ever wished a wish upon
where are all hopes and dreams are
even the moon which lit our way the
night on that blanket where it was only
you and I like we were the only two
people left in the world making love then
when I am finished I can continue on
my mission to come to you and hold
you in my arms one more time to say
goodbye so please asked our King to
unlock the gates of heaven to let me in
and I promise to never ask for anything
again, He in all of his wonderful glory
has got to understand what you mean to
me and although I am sure you have seen
all the wonderful things that I will I am
taking pictures along the way, I better
go now you see I have a lot of things to
do so I can get to I love you and I always
will and I will be waiting for His answer in
my dreams where you will be too.

Love Me

Richard M Knittle Jr (c)
(c) A #Poets Journey


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