Ryder Dean

Ryder Dean Knittle

You were born to me I never asked 
to have another son
your mother never told me you 
were not my son love
before your birth while in her 

womb I know it started when
I talked to you and sang your song 

I will always remember then
The day you came I know so well 

you filled my heart with joy
I held you close and kissed your face 

and whispered you’re my boy
Your mother knew and so did he 

but neither would ever say
they kept her secret to themselves 

a plan to use one day
Your mother was in place that she 

never should have been
while doing everything she could 

too never let you in
The more we held each other

 our bond and love would grow
Our hearts could talk to our 

souls we would only know
Our walks we took just you I we

 looked for every day
We always knew what we felt 
we never had to say
You put your hands on my 

lips you wanted me to sing
And then you laid your head on 

mine and closer we became
Now I am alone to miss you and 

only god knows how I feel
Hurting through the sorrow a 

wound that never heals
I’m sorry son I have not come 

believe me I have tried
The truth will come and at great 

cost all because she lied
That secret that she held back

 then because she never cared
That’s obvious it is plain to see 

and now she is running scared
when the war is finally over and 

the last brutal battle Fought
The smoke will clear then fade 

away a bloody war for not

Richard M Knittle Jr. (c)
(c) A #Poets Journey


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