Why me?

I get several hundred pieces
of fan mail a week most through
email messenger yeah I know
not a lot..But really how many
do you get? I get the few that
say your kinda hot and single
will you marry me from
both genders and some I would
 not even try to guess mostly
because of my views on LGBT
I believe that people should have 
the right to
live life, marry and love whomever
 they damn well please besides who am I to
judge! They all have pretty
much one thing in common
and that is they are all in pain,
confused or lost because they
lost a daughter or son to
PAS or the broken family court 
system or The States Black
Army (CPS)...Addicts who want
to tell their story on how they
beat Addiction the evil of
darkness unknown or how they
lost to it even to thank me for
saving them with what they
read in a piece of poetry
those I shake my head say
not me look above while all
looking to me for an
answer and asking the same question 
Why Me? So I sit back and 
think for a moment and it
comes to me, I start to cry
I weep then I fall to ground on
my knees and look up to him
and I scream out to him
God please! I need to know the
that I seek I will ask you again 
why me? I am not special or
different or unique then in a 
whisper I say I lost my son and
myself, I am broke all alone I 
am in pain,
and my guilt and my sorrow 
remain, so I
ask you again why me? Please 
I beg of you
if you love me let me go and be free, 
I am
tired now Lord can't you see again 
why me?
They say that he only gives you what you
can take I am telling you now God this has
all got to be a very big mistake. Look around
I have no more to give or to take. And then
right on queue like it was rehearsed a
picture falls off my wall it breaks shattering glass
everywhere it scared the hell out me and
no it was not Ryder like you and I would
think when I picked it up off the floor and
turned it around it was a picture of me.

Richard M Knittle Jr. (c)
(c) A #Poets Journey


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