Beauty to me

Beauty to me
Beauty to me is not only what you see on the 
outside for I have seen and been with some
very beautiful woman In my life, No for me true
beauty comes from way deep down Inside as
in your heart, mind, and soul. A woman who
has a heart filled with nothing but love and
understanding, and cares about everyone that she
may meet, always giving nothing but undying love
and pure affection would certainly be hard to beat.
A woman who can think with her own mind
making decisions that at one time used to be
left to the man would definitely without
a shadow of the doubt have my attention,
while playing chess as she is cooking dinner all while
on her computer reading emails and deleting
all her a woman who can listen to
her own soul knows most definitely how
to speak right to me, as we can sit down and
write all of our new books of beautiful new Poetry.
Now I have met some very beautiful woman,
like actresses that live in Hollywood, even
some beautiful princesses that lived in Tom Cruises
neighborhood. Those were just mean and
nasty, while to me they were as ugly as could
be. long blonde hair with sky blue eyes do
not make a beauty queen nor do big round
breast skinny jeans or even plastic anything.
To find a woman's true beauty you must
look deeply into her eyes, fot there you will
find the key to the most beautiful treasures
that she hides inside.
Richard M Knittle Jr. ©
© A #Poets Journey


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