Mari Jane

Mari Jane
How can something be so
illegal when it was God who
placed it on this earth? It is
not like it was cooked with
man made chemicals in some
rednecks garage down in the
backwoods of the south with
a recipe handed down through
generations that he learned at
birth. Think about it for a just
a minute or maybe even two and
then open your closed off minds
the one that has been programmed
your entire life and then you can
see and maybe understand what
it is that I believe which is that
Jesus when he was younger,
probably just a teenager he was
just like you and me standing on
some corner in Jerusalem while
he was hanging out with all his
buddies talking to all of the single
ladies while drinking down a forty
of homemade wine as he was
smoking down a big fatty blunt.
Now hold on before you all start
screaming at me that it is total
blasphemy and think that I am
going straight onto hell because
I am totally out of my brain while
now going completely insane, first
listen to the real reasons that believe|
that it is true, first of all and number
one is that marijuana grows up and
out from God's own green earth
from the dirt in the ground down
below only needing the rain and
shining sun and please you all
need to sit back, relax and remember
for it does tells us in the bible God's
on book John 2:1-11 - "That Jesus
changes Water Into Wine while
He is with all of his disciples and
his mom" and in my opinion "getting
by with a little help from his friends"
to paraphrase the beetles so why?
You see in reality the big four from
back when Tobacco, Lumber, Cotton,
and the up and coming Big Pharma
had more money and senators on
their payroll not to mention other
powerful names who owned their
own companies with them when they
got together and went to the Whitehouse
in Washington DC in a back room making
deals like even in today's so called
democracy and said "hey man it is
an herb just a weed that grows freely
instead of paying for all our things that
is far less superior the people will use
that instead and we all be living out
in the streets so yeah you know what
to do hell after all you are the government
and lie to the people anyways so let’s
give it a bad name make up story's
to scare them a way and make this a
category three drug the most dangerous
and call it a gateway drug even though
none of it is true and then we can still
make all the money" and today it is this
in most states, see it is not only just
a puff puff pass, cool man, I need
some food I got the munchies bad
type of drug, Hemp a by product of
marijuana is so much stronger and
softer then cotton lasting a hell of
lot longer so that is why Cotton said
no way besides we paid good money
for our slaves, Huh really which kinda
makes you say what what what? Hell
stop using cotton products that is what
I say, anyway Tobacco now there is
a good one, I mean they add nicotine
and other addictive poisons to cigarettes
Tobacco has lied about all of the
cancers and other things with lack of
answers and has paid out billions of
dollars that they never would of have
had because Marijuana, Green, even
Mari Jane grows like a Weed hence
the name all you do is see it, pick it,
eat it or dry then it roll it and smoke it
just that easy, excuse me hold on while
I light up and it is natural, naked with
no added anything so stop smoking
tobacco and start toking, Then Lumber
trillions of dollars to make paper, when
yet again Hemp makes a stronger
longer lasting Dollar and paper and paper
products, and here we are at Big Pharma
and the almighty dollar creating and
selling pills, pills, pills, when just a little
puff would of done you just fine while
they collect all that money on research
and development on drugs that Mari Jane
already cured. And that my friends is
just the start of why a God’s gift to you
and I has gotten more people put in jail
than all others causing single family
homes in the inner city making trillions
by jailing and bailing with programs like
the twelve steps that are failing a few
steps short of working yet the people that
would be you and me are not stupid and
will still smoke it anyways, so before I
keep going which i can for weeks unending
I hope that this little rant and rave opens
up some minds to the truth and it is about
time oh yeah one more little trivia fact
so sit back for a few moments and listen
to this George Washington who is our
founding father grew and used marijuana
as his cash crop making him a pharmacist
without a license or drug dealer even
better a grower or a distributor that today
would have put him away for twenty five
years to life behind bars doing hard labor.

Richard M Knittle Jr. (c)
(c) A #Poets Journey


  1. Wow, I am at loss for words. This is an awesome write my friend. Love it! ☺♥


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