Free to be

Freedom is never truly free as we sometimes lock ourselves away in our own minds, locked in cell that we ourselves create. Never hide from who it is that you are. You are a human you are a child of God you are who you are supposed to be. Stand tall and proud never let anyone tell you different for you are YOU.


Free from the pain of my 
breaking heart free from the
tears that you always start
free from the feeling of a soul
that is lost free from thinking
that I am not worth much
free of the notion that nobody
cares free from whispering
I love you to an empty silence
of nobody there free from the
thoughts of where will I go
free to feel good about me
and not always low free not
to think about what will I do all
on my own and not with you
free to be the person who it is
that I am a loving and caring
person free to be a man free
to say no that is not who I am
free to take back my life yet
once again free to write about
whatever I wish like love and
peace not always the pain of
sadness free from a love that
was never really mine free
from you Freedom of my mind.

Richard M Knittle Jr. ©
© A #Poets Journey


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