living your life in the darkness,
While always running away from
the light, the evils of addiction
has taken you far away from
the fight. I miss you so very
much, and who you used to
be, so loving and a caring
person whom I no longer
ever get to see. All of the
love and affection that we
had once shared has been
taken by all of your hurtful
lies. For you and married
now to your addiction as I
can see it in your bloodshot
eyes. All of the late nights
that I stayed up and worried,
if you were dead or sitting in
jail, waiting for a phone call
from the devil, who is waiting for
you now in hell. Maybe one
day you will know how much
that I loved you, and that I
tried everything that I could,
but I have no more fight in
my heart or even in my soul,
so I need to leave you and
your addiction for good.
Please do not ever think that
I do not still love you as I still
cry when I hear our song, but
I just cannot keep you from
falling anymore for I am no
longer all that strong.
Always remember that I
loved you and I will try to
remember a time that you
loved me but I would rather
remember the old you, not
the you, which I now see.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey


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