The moon shining its light down on me

The moon shining its light down on me.

Sometimes I will go outside when it
is late at night all by myself with
only the stars up in skies with the
darkness everywhere and the moon
shining its light down on me and I
watch as all world slowly and
steady goes by just thinking to
myself as I wonder when and where
it is I am going to die then I listen to
all of the sounds of the creatures
that are all around looking up and
asking God for forgiveness for
everything I have done then I smell
all the night as a slow and steady
breeze carries all of the scents of
life bringing back the memories of
another place and time that I would
now rather be just reflections of
shadows forgotten on a wall left
behind from a reality of dream back
before this nightmare of where I am
today and a sickness that will never
heal a disease I have without a cure
that now will forever live inside of
me, everyday  destroying little piece
of who I was and what I used to be
as  i look now at my reflection coming
from the droplets of all the
tears that have fallen from my eyes
to the ground creating a shallow
pool of memories that are no longer
in my mind and who I see now
looking back at me is my soul who
has  been beaten, bruised, and
bloodied chained up against a wall
no longer fighting trying to escape
knowing now what is next for its
final fate imprisoned in my
own mind sentenced to a slow and
painful death from addiction for all
of the demons that It had killed
when it went to war fighting harder
then any other had before. Then I
feel a chill of what is yet come I
know a storm Is coming I can
feel in the air a battle like no other
fought of sorrow and deep despair
that I myself must fight all alone
in my own darkness where sadness
only lives with an emptiness that
has no heat ot light where nothing
ever lives past the morning the
mourning time then I hear a voice
that I know I have heard before
telling me just one word before she
had to go as I looked all around for
the little glow of light from heaven
found on on angels wings whenever
their in flight then I felt a little kiss
from some one who was special
whom I really miss what she said to
me gave me a little jolt just
So that I would remember that
nothing is ever lost no matter how
bad it looks or even feels
as long as you never give up on
hope. Right now at this moment
hope is all I have left.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey

Back when I smiled every day
and laughed before


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