Sometimes, those people that are always there for you with a hug or a kind word with their big open hearts are hurting just as much sometimes even more, but they still just keep smiling and tell you that it will be okay. Those people are the ones that truly make this world go round and round, so I for one want to personally thank you. Nobody ever acknowledges them because they are too damn selfish to bother anyone at all with their own pain, but they still smile to everyone on the outside while on the inside they are crying every day. It is kind of like child's drawing left out in the rain watching it with tears falling as it slowly disappears until there is nothing left to see all. They sit at home alone waiting by the phone hoping that someone will call needing them while they are drowning in their own misery. You know that true real friendships are not just a one-way street, I for one say hell no I will no longer drive down any more one-way streets.

Have a safe and peace filled week Y'all.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey


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