For real

For real

If I said that I would miss
you for forever, would you
love me for just one day?
Because I miss you more than
ever since you left and
walked away. The love we
shared I still feel for it lives
still in my heart and soul and
I need you back in my life
more than you will ever
know. Love like ours is very
rare for in this world it no
longer exists. A special love
we all treasure most that
started with just a kiss. Most
people will never feel just how
I feel for you as you are in my
heart while in my mind as my
love for you is real. Just know
this, that in all my life, I will never
feel again a love like ours. It is in
my soul as it stole my heart,
more than anyone ever will.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey


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