The final breath of addiction

The final breath of addiction

Hold on to me for I am now falling
into the bitter cold of
darkness and I am feeling
so damn alone, the final
breath of death is near and it
is watching me while waiting
to take my soul to the abyss
of utter sheer nothingness
back home.
Please keep me safe from
the angels of the fires
brigade, as I lay here and fall
sleep in a coffin that I, all by
myself have made, I am
covered in sheets stained with
the blood of my own tears,
spilled over while living my
life in the vices of evil that
all the innocent now fear.
Shadows of the dead who
are are now living out on the
streets are dragging me
down to the ground by their
hands upon my feet, as all
the dreams of my tomorrows
are filled with the memories
of my pathetic past just as
sorrow and regret who are
now sleeping in the same
bed with each other
becoming close friends very
Fear of the life that is bathed
in the light of the kingdom of
He has hidden all the
answers to finding my life's
key, for it, has been hidden in
the angry oceans of all my
own deep regrets, that has
been filled by all of the bad
choices that I have made
and of all my unpaid debts.
The choices are few, for the
ones who decide to remain
in the games, played by our
own inner demons who are
becoming every day more
insane. Stronger they now
grow as they wake from
their long restless sleep,
they are fighting for survival
so the strong now kill the
weak, all of the battles are
now raging in a war that the
masters now seek as the
bodies of all humans will
litter all of the streets as they
rip off the mask and all of the
costumes of those whom
they defeat.
Take heed to the questions
for the answers that you
may now seek for the
battles are coming with a
war at its feet, the old ones
are restless with the scent
of blood again in their
senses as they thirst for
the death and the flesh of all
innocence. The armies of
ancients are gathering and
will arise to defend,
combining with David's s yet
once again for this war will
be fought from down here
on this earth and high above
as angels and humans fight
armed with only his love
against the evils of hate and
the sins of all man. Just take
a look out of your windows
and around you right now,
then you tell me what do you
see? For the first of the
battles have already started
fought with racism,
sickness, religion, and greed.
This war will continue to
grow every single day as
fear and addiction fills it
armies full and is here now
to stay, so fear the War as it
is coming do not believe
in what you may see, it is
time to choose what side you
are on now for there is no
time to wait.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey


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