Poets weep

Poets Weep

Poets use letters to create
words that come from deep
down in our souls, by using
those emotions that heal us
that is ingrained in us all
Those words are amazing as
they are made up of one or
more letters of the alphabet,
and when we put them
together in different orders
they spell out all the words
that you will not soon ever
forget. I guess you can call
it a poetic spell that we may
cast for when we read our
poetry that we write we hope
that they will always last.
Take for example love and
hate they are both four letter
words but they mean the
opposite, one we can use to
give hope and to heal while
the other we use to destroy
and to kill.
Our words that we write shall
live on forever just as if they
were frozen in time, while we
make them easy for you all
to remember like a child's
nursery rhyme. Poets shall
be here long after you are
gone as our bodies are just
a carrier for our souls that
will live on. For we write
down our emotions to
capture how we feel with every
single drop of all the ink that
we spill so that others will
know they are not alone giving
them time to gain strength and
the hope so that the may heal
and then move on. Our hearts
will remain broken for all the
world to see, because we
are poets and that my dear
friends is our life, you might
just say our so-called
destiny. That is why poets
are so emotionally strong, as
we tend to fall too fast in
love while hurting in pain
way to deep, while we
continue to write our words
down even as we weep.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey


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