Making wishes

Making wishes

As I sit here on this swing 
on my front porch thinking
to myself while looking
up at all the stars high above
I wonder to myself about
some of the choices
that I have made throughout
my strife filled life, like
raising all of my children and
the mistakes that we as
parents often make,
never knowing if they are
right or wrong, hoping that
the decisions that we have
made would carry them all
through safe until the very
end then into their own
children's lives, I noticed up
in the clear and beautiful
night skies that there were
several shooting stars that
were catching my now wide
open eyes, so I started
counting to see how many
were falling for that is
many wishes and a hell of
a lot cheaper than throwing
coins down a wishing well.
By the time that I was done
had I counted six of them in
all so I started making
wishes just as the first
teardrops begin to fall. My
first, wish was for all four of
my sons is for peace, health,
and prosperity would follow
all of them, then I wished
another for every single
person who lives beneath
our beautiful sun that no
who you were no matter
what race, gender, or even
religious beliefs that
someday soon it will not
ever matter for we will all
finally, learn how to get
along, then the third wish
that I wished for was for all
men, woman, and children
the same was that all the
cancer and diseases would
be cured and that there was
no more little babies who
are born into pain, Next was
for me that I could so that I
could finally find peace
within myself to forgive the
things that I have done while
being an addict hurting my
all of my family and friends,
next was a wish for all of the
homeless who are living on
the streets that they all find
some shelter and food to eat
and drink, the last one I had
pondered for quite a very
long while was for me and
all of you that one day we
all will find our real true loves,
someone who comes
far and above who gives
what they give to hold on
tight to while learning how
to live again, the one who
makes you smile while your
doing nothing at all, who
dances at midnight with you
at home down the hall, the
one who is there for you in
sickness and in health, who
looks at you like there is
nobody else in the world, the
one who is your forever love
while you both grow very
old, the who lives in deep
down in your beating heart
while always holding on tight
to you as they are dancing
with your soul.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey


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