The kids

The kids

We write about the love we
share and that we will love
each other forever or our
love we shared has faded
now we must go or the
loneliness that I feel for you
as my heart breaks in pain,
but what we do not ever
write down is how all of our
children feel and how they
take the blame, like maybe if
I was a good boy my daddy
would still be here, if I did
better in school mommy
would not have left me that
day. Our children feel all of
the same pain that we all
feel probably even more as
we say that we love them
still, as they watch us walk
out the door when a couple
break up then fall out of love,
yes, It is always very sad,
but please let us try to
remember the kids who still
love both of their mom and
dad as hardest ones I believe
are the little ones who really
Just do not understand for
they do not ever care about
this or even that as they only
want all of their family back
together again. Please
remember the children
because they are hurting too
so grow up and act like
adults for all of the children
sake and do not call each
other names or take away
and hide the kids, please
stop PAS and for God sake
stop acting like you are only

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr
A #Poets Journey


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