Why does love hurt

Why does love hurt

Why does love need to hurt
so bad when you break up
with another then you say
goodbye? All of the pain that
you feel from a broken heart
hurts more than anything that
you will ever know and even though
no bones are really broken
that pain is just as real, I mean
why do people even fall in love
anymore these days since it
seems like it always ends up
in pain anyways as all of the dark
clouds of depression start to
move in then all of the tears begin
to fall down your face so fast and
hard that you think that you just
might drown out In the rain.
I guess the hardest part for me was
actually finding out that fairy tales
and happily ever after was nothing
more than just another Disney
movie ending that is never really real.
After being lied too, cheated on,
and used for so damn long how
do you think that makes you feel?
Angry? Yes, sad? Even more but
really you just do not want to look
at anyone anymore, since now you
feel like nothing more than a damn fool.
I am not so sure that I myself will ever
look for love again, because I just
could not take another heartbreak
or even that pain again, maybe being
all alone is what God wants for me
to be for it seems that my entire life
really has been nothing but heartbreaks
and heartaches with lots of pain
over and over again.

Poet and Photographer Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey


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