Angel and Bench

This photograph that I captured does get a lot of attention for many reasons. First of all I took this photograph myself along with about fifty others it was taken at Richland Hills Park in Richland Hills, Texas exactly one week after I had written "Hope (A Prayer for Ryder)" I was sitting there at the park on the very same bench where Ryder and I would sit watching the world go by, it was about 8:00 in the morning and I was taking pictures for my very first book of my poetry called "Out of the Darkness: A Poets Journey." Ryder was born at Richland Hills Hospital and we lived right across the street from this park so we would hang out here since the day he was born. I was feeling very sad I was missing him so much, so I sat on that bench and cried my eyes out to the point I was sobbing. Then I felt like someone was watching me and I felt a hand on my face wiping away the tears, so I jumped up turned around when I saw this light as it came to be. It was so beautiful it had a purplish hue and I could smell a very sweet aroma. Then I begin hearing a murmur or whisper and felt my heart as it was filled with love and happiness. It was one of the same angels I had seen when I had taken my own life less than a year before. I knew who it was because she had passed away just before Ryder was taken away and hidden. She lived across the street and knew Ryder from the day he was born her and she was a very good friend. She told me three things 1. That I would indeed see Ryder again. 2. God was watching and listening to me. 3. A war was coming. That is all I can say right now but this picture and the others put a smile on my face every time I see it because I did see Ryder again and I know that God is indeed listening to my prayers and as far as a war Well take look around I believe that it has already started.
Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
#Poets Journey


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