The chicken or the egg

The chicken or the egg

It is an age-old riddle that
has perplexed generations
for many years which came
first, the chicken or the egg
So I thought to myself that
I should explore the
possibility of that question
shall we? So I thought for a
few hours and ponder about it
for quite a long while then
I drove down the street to
ask the experts at churches
fried chicken just to see
what they would have to
say but they looked at me
like I was just crazy and
shook their heads at me and
escorted me out of the premises
but not before I
got a breast and thigh extra
crispy, Ice tea with extra
Ice and no fries. You see
the question goes all the way
way back in our time even
before man came alive when
God chose the chicken and
Satan chose the egg and we
all know what happened
next. Yup, that damn
argument is still being
fought today.
Next, I decide to build a time
machine to way back in
time just to watch and see
that is when I saw Adam
chose the chicken while the
egg chose Eve and that my
friends was the first couple's
argument in our very long
history, so Eve looked down
at Adams fig leaf and laughed
real hard sorry no
pun intended and she said
Adam, you can choke your
chicken all you want but it
ain't ever getting laid by me.
I never did find out what
actually came first and I am
quite probably sure that I
never will, but I do love my
extra crispy fried chicken
with my eggs over easy and
always will.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey


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