You and I

You and I

From the day that we first
had met I knew that I was in
love with you then from that
night of our very first kiss
when all of the sparks that
flew my heart said yes, my
soul said I do, and my mind
thought to itself "oh my lord
what am I gonna do?"
Because they all knew that
you had me at that very
instant and that I had
already fallen madly in love
with you. You see I have
always wanted to live in an
happily ever after and
forever just like in all of those
fairytales you read for I had
wished for you on every
shooting star that I
had ever seen falling from
the skies as I have even
spent a fortune wishing on
every wishing well that I
could find just wishing that I
would find you so that one
day you would be mine, so I
want to thank you for loving
me too and I promise you
that all of those wishes were
not wasted because of all
our love will always be true.
Now I know that fairy tales
really do come true, that
happily ever after was
written just for me and you,
and all of the stars that are
up in the night skies will
never quite be bright enough
to shine for you and me while
all of those wishing wells are
filled with our joyful tears of
love and happiness that we
share every morning when we
wake up in love with each
other after making love to
one another together me and
you and you and I.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey


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