What was his soul thinking

What was his soul thinking when it accidentally fell in love with her, his heart tried like hell to warn him yet it like always it fell on deaf ears, for her beauty was like no other down here on earth but that of a beautiful angel flying high in the skies above among all of the stars, so why would she even want to be with somebody like him, so he thought for a just a few moments, then his heart started to beat out a soft melody of pure love as he felt his soul begin to come alive and dance around the dance floor of life just as he listened to all of the whispers of the wind telling him to look deep with and to believe in himself, then as a smile begin to form on his face he stood up and yelled loud enough so that everyone could hear "Why not me that is the answer that I now seek"

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey


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