The war

The war

Every person who is born on
this earth has a demon that
lives inside, it is a constant
battle throughout our life we
must fight just to stay alive,
for every decision that we
make is something that we
ourselves control, so choose
wisely and with just cause
for they battle us for our
souls. The war between
good and evil just so you
understand, is with good
that comes from God and
His angels above verses the
evil that is born of man.
This war was started a long
time ago before man’s time
had first begun, when God
cast Satan out, so then he
cursed man from within,
our conscious is the
difference as it is supposed
to know right from wrong,
but with daily temptations
that are thrown at us all, our
demons have grown more
strong. Our inner demons
grow in strength with every
bad choice or decision that
we make, but addiction the
evil that has no cure has
now let our demons escape
Causing the destruction of
mankind it is unlike anything
man has ever known taking
away everything then
everyone leaving our
children alone with no home.
This battle we fight will never
end as the darkness grows
stronger every day, I know
this because I fought my
own demons for many years
as it battled me to escape,
I thought it was over and my
demons had won, but then I
prayed to God and he gave
the hope and strength to go on.
You see the battle we all
fight against our demons is
getting harder to fight
every day because the
darkness it will never leave
for the demons are to stay.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey


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