When love flowed

When love flowed

Hey, it's me how are you doing? Oh
Your getting married? So when is the day?
Well, that's good to hear. So sometime next year
huh? So what is his name? Oh yeah, well the
reason that I called was you see I was driving
down the street from where we used to live
and the memories of all those good times
hit me hard, and I started to wonder
how you were doing and where you are?
Yeah I was there in town for work and the same
house, the one down off main where we had
all those killer parties, then getting up the next
day for school was so lame and every Saturday
after the football game all our friends from class
would come over and have a BBQ while we drank
kegs of beer falling over drunk telling stupid jokes
half naked with no damn shame.jumping in the pool.
Really? What was that? Yeah I know, you are
right, but It really was not all that long ago, and
well work has kept me so very busy and I had no
time to call but believe me when I say you never
were all that far from my mind. No not at all, anyway
congratulations to you I had better go but just
know that I will always love you and maybe
one day you will come back to me and we can start
over again just like it used to be in the beginning
when love flowed between us with no end.

Part one.

Richard M Knittle Jr. ©
© A #Poets Journey


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