With all the anger and hate everywhere in the world
we wonder where God could be, with babies killed
and children hurt we wonder if God can even see, with
wars and famine now the norm we wonder if God is
we can feed the famines the problem as I can see,
God helps those that help themselves at least from
everything that I read so why look to God when we created
our problems ourselves for it certainly was not he.
I mean we broke it all then we should fix it not God
would you not all agree? We can feed the famines
and home the homeless even help the children and
do so much more just bring all of our troops home and
walk away from all the wars, we lose so many hero's and
young souls all because the grownups never grew up
and cannot shake hands anymore all for WHAT? a
barrel of oil and a gallon of gas that I just paid two dollars
and fifty-five cents for. You see in actuality that is what
is left of the previous rulers of this world from our
past, I mean oil because as it stands now in seventy-five
thousand years they will be pumping us out of the
ground just as fast. Maybe it is for democracy
that why we fight all of these made up wars so bring them
all back home because that is where we ourselves here
in here in The United States of America are now losing
are sights, because we can use our troops to do so
much more good just by cleaning up all of the cities,
suburbias, and even the hoods, I mean black, white,
yellow, brown there really is no color when it comes to
addiction and violence in any town. Besides if we really
want to stop all the corruption, addiction, and drugs, then
we need to stand up against the government because
they are the ones making all the money and the Feds? Well,
they are the ones that are all just thugs. See by arresting
all of us then put us all in jail they are making billions
on the new slavery because they set us all up to fail while
they are making all that money on your damn bail. Please try to
believe me when I say that God is still here and he is
looking down at this very moment I am quite sure, no
not with a smile but more a big old frown, but I do think
that when we start to help ourselves and clean up all
our own mess, He will start helping us out again just so
you are not all so stressed. God is talking to us each and
every single day all you need to do is just open up your
heart then listen to Him and I guarantee you will hear
what he has to say.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey


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