Calm before a storm

Calm before a storm

As I lay here all alone tonight
looking out the window at all
the stars up in the beautiful
midnight skies I wonder if I
will ever find true love again
as the teardrops start to
form and begin to fill my
tired bloodshot eyes while
the loneliness which I feel
moves in surrounding me
like the calm before a storm.
Then soon after all of the
dark clouds from all of my
sorrow start to form, followed
by the raindrops of regret with
all of the memories that flash
through my mind like lighting
along with the crash of thunder
that I soon will never forget.
The shadows that dance
upon my walls reminding me
of a better time and place,
back when love still lived in
my shattered soul, in my
broken heart, and even
forever in my mind, which
seems to me now not all
that long ago where you
could find a smile always
upon my face, yet when you
look now you would not find
even a trace. Maybe If I
wished real hard on all of
those stars up in the sky
tonight I just might find love
once again, but this time I
would do whatever I could
to hold on tight, while never
letting love go so as to never
again feel the way I do tonight.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey


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