As we dream

As we dream

When I hold you in my arms
late at night while I am looking
deeply into your eyes, I can
see what true beauty really
is, for at that very moment it
is when I truly realize I am
looking at your bare naked
soul while it dances around
like a tiny ballerina on a mirror
in a beautifully hand painted
jewelry box to the rhythm
and the rhyme of your
beating heart. Let me start
by saying how much that I
love you, yes it is true, but I
know by the way your lips
touch mine that you already
knew, and by the way, I stare
intensely at your beautiful
long hair as it flows freely
like the warm feeling falls
down with the rising of the
sun while your skin glistens
like the stars up in the
heavens above, so my love
please take my hand as we
walk barefoot upon the
white ocean sand then
understand that our lives are
completely in God's hands
as we dance to the songs of
all his angels as they sing
while they are looking down
as they bless the very
essence of you and I and our
love as we now live on
forever as we dream.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey


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