How are you today

How are you today?

I am actually in a place right
at this very moment that I
feel way too often nowadays
always finding myself wallowing
around in a deep sorrow and
agonizing regret while living
in a paralyzing life of self-pity
always wanting to believe in
something when I already
know it is always and forever
going to be just another lie.
Believing in fairy tales and
once upon a time, wishing
on falling stars and happily
ever afters then trying to
not to go broke falling down
a wishing well that people
really can change. Then,
when they don't I start
feeling like I deserve to feel
the way I do, like I really am
worthless and that maybe I
don't deserve to be loved
by anyone at all, while being
abused just to amuse an
addict with no heart or even
soul at all yet after all of the
pain of broken hearts and
shattered souls I will always
and forever truly believe that
love and I mean true through
eternity will win over hate
and this may still be but for
me, this loves war is over for
I now know that sometimes
it is better to walk away from
from the battle so I can win
the war someday.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey


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