If death had a feeling

If death had a feeling

If death had a feeling I know that loneliness is how it
would feel, as the deep dark sadness of depression
comes on fast and furious then when it does, it hits you
hard and is never easy at all. The darkness that starts to
surround us with a thick black fog that comes from a
brewing storm in the distance out of nowhere just
like a thief in the darkest of nights coming in to steal all of
your happiness and joy then replacing it with deep regret,
unmitigated guilt and sorrow for that are all you will now
feel for quite a while. Death is inevitable it is something that
will come to you and I and to the people we know either
by illness, accident, by God's hands, or even our very own.
There is no laughter at all as death will always win
and if there Is anything funny at all about it well it is just like
a game of chance you will just never really know how,
where, who, or even when. The people that are closest
to us are the hardest ones to take as we mourn for our
loved ones while we miss seeing their face as it is always
hard when they are older and have lived a very full life or were
taken by God's hands or even somebody else's knife. But, the one
thing that I believe is the hardest for us all are those that we need to
ask, "Why did they need to take that suicide fall?" The questions
that we have are many with answers that are so very few,
but please you need to just remember from deep down inside
the fault was not on you. We take it so very hard and we
wonder what did I do? Maybe I should have said to them
more often how much that "I love you." The children will
wonder and ask was it me? because maybe if I was better my
mommy or daddy would still be home where they should be, then a
husband or wife who is now left behind will think to themselves
"why did I not see it coming maybe I should have been home."
All of that grieving that you feel has no set time for it to come to
an end, so take your time and go through the stages that
you need to go through for one day all of that sadness will finally
come to an end and then the anger will come this I know for
sure as thoughts fill your mind that "maybe they never really loved
me or they would never have left me all behind. I believe that they
are all up in heaven and are much happier than they were and will be
waiting for you with arms wide open and hugs standing with God and
all of his angels at the golden gates of heavens door.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey


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