Past all of forever

He knew that his chances of her ever falling in love with him was slim to none yet he was drawn to her like a moth to the light for what he had once seen that lived deep down inside of her, where most people saw her outer beauty that was indeed beyond a sight to behold for that much was true but buried underneath all of the many years of misery deep down in sorrow and regret hidden by all of her broken hearts shattered by lies was the heart and soul of an angel who had fallen down deom grace crying to be freed as she is bound by the chains of her addictions that would be very hard to break on her own, but he knew that his heart would wait for an eternity even past all of forever because his soul had once danced with hers at one time somewhere in their long and jaded past and that was all it took to fall completely in love her.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey


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