My everything to me

My everything to me

The day that you and I had 

met I could feel my soul 

awaken and start to dance 

once yet again as my broken 

heart begin healing and 

then started beating to the 

rhythmic rhyme and definition 

of what a true love is supposed 

to be. You have awakend long

 hidden feelings and dark deep

 desires from down within 

causing many thoughts of heat 

of passion that may even be

 constured as a sin. Before you

 had come into my life I felt as 

if I was a just lonely seed that 

had fallen from the tallest tree, 

deep in a forest under the dark 

of shade, then I met you and 

now I feel as though that I am

 now bursting through the ground

 into the brightness and the

 warmness of the sun gasping

 for air as the rain is falling down.

 You are the sunshine in my days

 and the moonlight in my nights, 

all of the wishes in my falling 

 stars, all the time in my once upon

a and the coins in my 

wishing wells, you are the light

 in my darkness you are my

 forever in happily ever after,

you are and will always be until

the ends of eternity my everything

 to me.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.

A #Poets Journey


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