Book of Pictures

I look back now at all my past relationships either one night stands, a few hours or five minutes lol or ten years and I made more mistakes than any of them, Love is very hard to hold on to and it erases everything you had when it leaves us leaving big holes in our hearts, I wish I could say I am sorry, but I have no regrets. You see regrets for me are for the decisions that I did not make not the ones I have. SO thank you all for being in my life because of you I am me today.

Book of pictures

Looking back at a book of pictures
of all of my relationships whom I have had
in the past, my memories start to
play a movie with a cast of yesterdays
Playing over and over the parts of all
the mistakes I have made, causing this
to run on forever for there is quite more than a
few, does it matter what I did in the past back
then no not really for
I now believe after all these many long
and lonely nights blame really matters not
for in truth when love begins to fail I have always
panicked and I played a fool from never
knowing what to ever do but alas as time
moves on, and hearts are all healed
i can still feel the pain from when my heart was
beaten down and blue and while age starts to slowly
grow to the grey I have learned what
love now means for me and you, it means
never having to know if the truth was being
told, a kiss on the cheek, with a homemade
bowl of chicken soup in bed when i am the ugliest
and a very bad cold in my head, Love to
me and you is when you and I are dancing
on the kitchen floor with music being played
that were left over heartbeats from making
love the night before, it means saying sorry
when we have no idea what we did, taking blame
for the burnt dinners when all our family came to town
love is a bond between lover and friends
one that will last through the sands of time
from the beginning until the very end,
and while I now close the pages of all those
who have graced my life many tears do fall but
not for sorrow no not at all because I know
that everyone is now a very big part of me and I 
wish that I could thank them all individually one
by one for being in my life. So thank you one
and all as I take you with me through all of my
life and beyond you made me laugh and even
cry taught me to love and that is why I am sorry
for all the bad but please try to remember the good
that we had and thank you from my heart and
soul for being part of my journey as I grow and
we shall meet yet once again at gates of heaven
as we walk in as part of God's master plan and
then be born again to live our lives as lovers
and friends..
Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
#Poets Journey


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