Will it ever find me?

Will it ever find me? 

How are we to ever 

tell if your heart is 

actually lying to you 

asking questions just 

wanting so to know if

love is really real, while

we are only waiting to 

see or feel the truth

Ignoring everything your

mind has to say even when

It knows that you are

being used and played

and has pictures and 

letters just for proof 

because your body is

so lonely and it wants 

so bad just to be held

I mean does anybody 

now know nowadays how

love is supposed to feel

can we not get same

feeling from just taking 

a little pill? Has love 

died away, or gone away?

should we all give up?

or wait for it forever until,

love finally does show its

beautiful face maybe dressed

in leather or even white lace

or even dressed like it 

is going to a great ball or

cold and lonely wearing

nothing at all, could it be 

skinny, short, fat, or tall?

long hair, short hair, or bald

in all? How are we to even 

know if love will come or 

even show? Will it be early

or late or not come at all?

I guess all we can do for now

is to just wait and see

if love is a lie or if it will

ever find me.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.

A #Poets Journey


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