I am sorry that I fell in love.

I am sorry that I fell in love. 

I am sorry that I fell in love with you I 

never really meant that to happen at 

all, I know that I was just a body to keep 

you from getting lonely and needing 

someone to hold at night and quench 

your desire yet I fell in love with you

anyways, all the nights that we spent 

drenched in our own sweat will always 

be burned in my memories from a flame 

of passion and desire that rages out of 

control still today, and the days spent 

in bed being lazy even getting crazy or 

riding my harley not caring where we 

were going as you held me tight your 

arms and hands on my chest with my 

back against breast your hair a mess 

from the wind blowing in that was carrying

us away as you put your mouth up to my 

ear saying I am horny and I swear I will 

let you put your hands and mouth anywhere 

then the vibration causes a

familer sensation that we both could

not escape pulling over and making love 

under the skies night and day than going 

places that we found our crazy and wild

streak that you and I still carry today that 

only me and you will ever know , honesty

is what we promised no matter what we had

to say as lies take all the trust away then

when our lips touched it was right then that 

my heart was yours and my soul decided you 

were the one that I needed so I fell in love and 

will no matter what lose one drop forever it will 

stay so I am sorry for what you have done by 

the beauty that lives inside that you carry besides 

your outer beauty that is beyond words so you 

see I had no other choice but to fall I will always

 wait for you until the time when you

decide that you are mine as our friendship means 

so much to me best friends that hold secrets 

never told to anyone hanging out there is 

still heat as I still take a peak when you shower 

or change clothes as you linger because you 

know your my Muse my life long love best friend

 and most of all the one that makes me smile 

no matter how or what I feel the sunshine in 

my night all the dreams I will ever need my 

wish from every falling star you are all I ever 

want and need so when you are ready just 

follow the ink that I spill to the words that I 

write for you then look up at all the stars 

then you will feel me in your heart and you 

will know I won't be very far away from your side.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.

A #Poets Journey

Texas Poet Laureate Nominee 2016-2020


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