The hidden lie of Mari Jane

The hidden lie of Mari Jane

There are certain things in this world that make absolutely no sense to me,
 like religious wars, the war on drugs, the separation of church and states,
or even how a government like ours can lie, cheat, be for the people yet be
against any deviation of their idea of society, spout about freedom of the
press yet still try to control and oppress, assassinate other leaders by a bullet
or character trait, attack and destroy cities, towns, and county's all in
freedoms name while playing with our minds when you get close to unraveling
all the so-called conspiracies by denying, deceiving covering up, then making
up flat out lies while looking you straight on in your eyes like a cheating ex-wife
with the sort of truth double talking back tracking causing chaos and confusion,
so much so that when you stop and think about it would make you go insane,
 for example how in the hell can something be so damn illegal when it was God
who placed it on this earth? It is not like it was cooked up with some manmade
chemicals in some redneck’s garage down in the backwoods of the deep south
with a family recipe handed down through the generations that they learned at
birth. Think about it for a just a minute or maybe even two and open your tiny
 little mind the same ones that have been conditioned by those we gave authority
 that we voted in to take care of us, protect us yet the truth
 are we need to be protected from them and then you will see exactly what I?
mean, I believe that when Jesus Christ God's one and only son who died for
 our sins were young, just a normal teenager standing on a corner somewhere in
 Jerusalem hanging with all his buddies talking to the single ladies while drinking
down a forty blowing rings as he is smoking a big old fatty blunt. Now wait before
you all start getting upset screaming at me that it is blasphemy and think that I
 am going straight to hell out of my brain and now going insane, give me five
minutes listen to the real reasons then make your own decisions not the ones
that our so-called government wants you to believe, number one marijuana or
weed, grass, ganja, green, chronic, whatever you want to call it grows from out
 of God's green earth from the dirt in the ground down below only needing the rain
 and shining sun like all the flowers, trees, and grass, please listen to the facts
 remember for it tells us in his book the Bible the same one we swear on in a court
of law but I thought there was a separation of church and state? It is also printed
 on our money in God we trust so who can we trust see my disgust? John 2:1-11 – Jesus 
Changes Water into Wine while with his disciples and his mom wearing sandals and
 a robe made of hemp (MARIJUANA) getting by with a little help from His friends
 to Paraphrase the Beetles so why? The truth is frightening and makes me and
should you question everything because the truth is out there that anybody in
authority says suspect of being a flat out lie all in the name of the greatest contribution
of the downfall of humanity which means nothing at all if they make the
 bottom GREED, Tobacco, LUMBER, Cotton, and Big PHARMACEUTICAL industry
the ones that built this country needed the much now aligned though Devine to
disappear all because of money. Because you can't charge money for what grows for
 free. Yes, folks where would any of those people be, so they used a lot of money
backdoor deals and promises and remember those people who made a fortune were the  
same people they did not have laws to protect us all same elected officials as in congress
men and senators that owned those four industries’ and had the biggest numbers and the
most to lose, I wish I could have a deal like that you know to make laws to erase anything
 that would get in the way of making money I can see them sitting down at the white house
laughing all the way to the bank saying things like hell through in all the natural parks in
 the country so nobody else can grab the lumber except me I do not care if it takes thousands
of years to grow back one tree besides I will not be alive to see it anyways, unlike hemp
 that takes a few weeks then you will hear hey man it is an herb, a weed, people will use
that and we all will be in the streets so yeah you know what to do, hell we are the government,
the law they believe we are here for them Hashanah oh hell we lie to the people anyways
 so let's make this a category three drug the worst you can be call it a gateway drug scare
 them all with movies they made and then we can still make all the money and anybody that
questions the truth or figures out just arrest, jail, kill, threaten, all for something that God
planted and left for us to use, which we can every single part, you see it is not only a puff
puff pass cool man I need some food I got the munchies bad type of drug in fact it is not a
drug at all like hemp talked about in the Bible it is so much stronger and softer then cotton,
lasting a whole lot longer that is why cotton said no way we paid damn good money for our
slaves which should really make you say what? people talk about slavery saying while
blaming everyone even today except where the real blame lays, the cotton industry so
stop using cotton products I mean hell you took the dukes of Hazzard of TV and they didn’t
do anything, Next is tobacco now here is the best lie yet, they added nicotine and other
 addictive poison to tobacco to make you addicted and have lied about cancers, with so
many questions asked with the lack of answers answered now have paid out billions
which really is nothing that they never would have had in the first place because marijuana
grows like a weed hence the name you see it, pick it, eat it, dry it, or not, roll it smoke it,
 sprinkle it just that easy with nothing at all added to it, excuse me just hold on a minute
while I light up this natural naked no adding anything to it blunt, place the blame where it
goes so stop smoking cancer sticks remember that is where slavery began, not a rebel flag,
 then lumber which made trillions of dollars to make paper and our money again all politician
owners when hemp yet again makes a stronger more durable longer lasting cheaper dollar 
and here we are now at big pharma wanting the almighty dollar creating and selling pills pills
pills when a little puff would have done yea just fine, a natural medicinal that takes very little
and actually, heals not just covers the issue, uncountable amount of money with deaths
 and injuries that could have been avoided maybe even Cancer, but we will never know the
 truth of all the other good that would have come from marijuana and that is just the start
of why a God’s gift to you and me has more people in jail and prison than all others
 combined causing single family homes in the inner-city making trillions by jailing you and
 working you for free sound like slavery and bail making you take state recommended  
programs like the twelve steps that are failing more than just a few steps short in helping,
 yet people still use Marijuana anyways so, before I keep on going which I can for weeks
 unending I hope that this little rant and rave opens some minds to the truth and it is
 about time and oh one more little trivia fact so sit back George Washington who is our
 founding father grew and used marijuana as his cash crop making him a pharmacist without
 a license or drug dealer even better a grower or a distributor that today would put him
away for twenty-five years to life. So always question authority, do not believe everything
they say, no I am not trying to cause issues or any trouble in fact Ben Franklin said that another
 founding father, who if they were all around today would be disgusted of what this country has
 turned out to be twisting the constitution destroying our freedom which may have been
 true back then but today the only true freedom we have lives only in our heart’s minds
and souls and that is sad yet truth my friends

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey
Texas Poet Laureate Nominee 2016-2020


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