Hearts are meant to be broken.

Hearts are meant to be broken.

I want you to know that no matter
what happens in my life you will
always be my only one single regret,
for you showed me what love feels
like and kindness by the way you
helped me feel again like a man and
all the understanding of my
thoughts feeliings and needs and
the friendship we have always felt
and for that you will always own
my soul. You are all of my passion
in this life as well as the future and
the past,  my well from where all of
my ink flows from as  your memories are what cause all the
words in my poetry to come alive
with all the emotion that makes me
who I am today and will become in
time, our souls will and always have
been connected through all of time
and will continue after this one, for
you are my Juliette and I your
Romeo you are my queen as in
Cleopatra while I was your Mark
Antony, always in each others life in
a forbidden love you see hearts are meant to be broken time and time
again it is what makes us stronger
in the end when you are the moon
and I the sun making love every
night and morning as we come
together among all of the stars
twinkling like fireflies to light our
way back home to do what every
man and woman do when their
hearts have beaten as one to make
love the kind that you wish would
never end but they always do, so
God let's our hearts start to pound
and our souls begin to dance  for
that one brief moment of eternity
like we had in this forever so that
we would always know what true
love is, so whether we see one
another again or we never spoke
another word just know I am truly
grateful for everything you and I
have ever done and Iapologize for
not knowing that before, so instead of wasting words and emotions in this life I will be there waiting for you in the next so you and I can try to make it work or at least be able to
have our moment that God gives
us once yet again..

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey
Texas Poet Laureate Nominee 2016-2020


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