Sometimes when we touch at night

 and we are looking deeply into each

 others eyes I can feel the heat begin to

rise from somewhere deep down

 inside of me and I can hear my soul 

begin to speak as he whispers to your s

oul oh baby so you know you make my life

 complete each and every time we make 

love, your beauty sometimes will blind

 me while your beating heart is so very caring

and kind when you hold me in your arms 

I never want to let you go, then our lips come 

together with the sound of loud roaring

 thunder tears of joy start to fall like a

winter storm of rain then the wind begins to 

blow from all of our body friction causing bright

white flashes everywhere that looks a lot like 

 lightning, then you scream Oh my God we

are in hurricane causing walls to crack and fall 

as the roof is ripped away the whole house is 

now shaking with sounds of glass breaking  

every time you and I come together we cause 

chaos to be set free, our passion is like no other's 

and forever it shall always be I am yours and 

you are mine until the ends of time so come 

on baby let's rip the house apart again.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.

A #Poets Journey


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