The Cycle.

The cycle 

Addiction really is so much more

 than a debilitating disease of the

 heart, mind, and soul for it is the

 long and bitter end of what and

who you are and used to be not only

hurting yourself but destroying and

 ripping apart while infecting whole

 families that is creating a whole new

generation of abusive addictive

 children that no longer are learning

the true value of what family is

 losing faith or never knowing who

God is growing up with no mother or

 father or sometimes both as they

are thrown into a single family unit where they are introduced to a multitude of the parents partners

creating animosity of the child

 parent trust authority, whereas single parent home need to work

 twice as long causing children to in

 reality raise themselves alone so

 then without direction will then play

 out in the streets where they learn

 from others about drugs and alcohol

 then they want more with no money

 and turn to stealing, robbing killing

 and selling or trading their bodies

 for what they want and more

 therefore a next generation addict

is born all over again and the the

 cycle continues on down the line

 never ending as it continues

 spreading this evil non curable disease.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.

A #Poets Journey


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