Mari Jane

Mari Jane 

How can something be so 

illegal when it was God who 

placed it on this earth? It is 

not like it was cooked with 

manmade chemicals in some

rednecks garage down in the

backwoods of the south with

a recipe handed down through

generations that he learned at

birth. Think about it for a just

a minute or maybe even two and

Open your closed off minds and 

then you will see that I believe 

that Jesus when he was

young, maybe just a teenager 

standing on a corner in Jerusalem 

hanging with all his buddies talking 

to the single ladies while

drinking down a forty as he is

smoking a fatty blunt. Now wait

before you all start screaming

at me that it is blasphemy and

think that I am going straight 

to hell out of my brain and

now going insane listen to 

The real reasons number one

marijuana grows from God's 

green earth from the dirt in

The ground down below only 

needing the rain and shining sun

and please you all need to sit 

back and remember for it tells us

in his book John 2:1-11 - Jesus 

Changes Water Into Wine while

With his disciples and his mom

Getting by with a little help from 

His friends to Paraphrase the 

Beetles so why? Tobacco, Lumber,

Cotton, and Big Pharma had more

money and senators with them

when they went to the Washington

and all said hey man it is an herb

a weed people will use that and we 

all will be in the streets so yeah

you know what to do hell the government

lies to the people anyways so let’s

make this a category three drug call it

a gateway and then we can still make 

all the money and they have still in

most states, see it is not only a puff puff

pass cool man I need some food I 

got the munchies bad type of drug

but hemp is so much stronger and 

softer then cotton lasting a lot longer

so that is why cotton said no way 

we paid good money for our slaves

which kinda makes you say what what 

what. stop using cotton products that

is what I say, anyway tobacco now 

her is a good one they add nicotine and

other addictive poison to tobacco and 

have lied about cancers and other

lack of answers paid out billons that 

they never would have had because 

marijuana grows like a weed hence the

name you see it, pick it, eat it dry it roll

it smoke it just that easy hold on while

I light up and natural naked no added

anything so stop smoking and start 

toking then lumber billions of dollars

to make paper when hemp yet again

makes a stronger longer lasting dollar

and here we are at big pharma and the

almighty dollar creating and selling 

pills pills pills when a little puff would of

done yea just fine and that is just the 

start of why a God’s gift to you and I 

got more people in jail than all others

causing single family homes in the inner

city making trillions by jailing and bailing

programs like the twelve steps that are 

failing yet people still smoke it anyways

so before i keep going which i can for 

weeks unending I hope that this little

rant and rave opens up some minds 

to the truth and it is about time and

one more little trivia fact so sit back

George Washington who is our founding

father grew and used marijuana as his

cash crop making him a pharmacist without

a license or drug dealer even better 

a grower or a distributor that today would

put him away for twenty five years to 


Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.

A #Poets Journey

Texas Poet Laureate Nominee 2016-2020 


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