Your soul sings

Your Soul Sings

When I am asked about beauty
sweetheart I only think of yours for
your beauty shines from deep inside
and there is no stopping it as it
shines as bright as our beautiful sun
as brightly as all of the stars that are
up above in the skies in the mid of
night sparkling just as the smile on
your pretty face, as for the beauty
that is your incredible body there
is absolutely without a doubt in my
mind, that when God had created you
He had to rest for at least a day and
maybe even two. Your soul sings so
sweetly and your beating heart it
beats so gently and your mind what
can I say for at Chess you can beat
me your beauty will never be second
to anyone in my eyes and my love for
you is just as it has been always just
as strong as forever and a day, I often
wonder how it is that I found you I
will never really know but I just hope
that I can show you everyday that
the love we share is forever as the
sun sets in the west and the moon
will rise from the east to a brand new
day that we will wake to in the morning
just as our love will always be fresh
like a newly fallen snow and that every
single kiss from you is like the very
first kiss from thee and If I had to
count the ways that I love you I would
most certainly be in trouble since
there is not that many days in forever
anyways, so just know that I love you
with all of your beauty really shining
through for I shall never let it fade,
forever together that is what we said
yet together forever is not enough time
to be with you.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey


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