When I Close My Eyes

When I Close My Eyes

I might not be able to in reality
actually, change this lost and
broken world and I might not be
able to change your made up mind
about leaving out of the door,
I might not be able to make you
love me just as much as I love you,
but I can still dream about It when
I go to bed at night and close my
eyes because that is where I am
living nowadays somewhere deep
down within my mind. That is
where we are still together and I
am yours forever and you are mine,
because that is where I go when I
want to escape all the violence in
this world and the hate that we see
everywhere around, it is a place
where you and I can feel safe together
walking hand and hand down the
quiet and peaceful streets late
at night after one of our many dates,
a place that is filled full with
laughter and joyful tears while we
are drinking margaritas on some
white sand deserted beach while we
are dancing at midnight in a warm
summer rain where we both are
always smiling we have forgotten
all our pain, a place where peace
and love has finally won the war
against all of the hate, a place
where your race does not matter
for the color of your skin is only
a matter of which you born where
the only color that is taught is that
rainbows and crayons in their box,
a place where we can all now dance
out in the streets to music from all
different beats, a place where the
rich and the poor now all live together
next to one another door to door, a
place where the sun shines down
every single day no more dark clouds
that come our way, where there are
no chains that binds as tears never fall
from pain, religion is our choice to
choose, where single person matters
whether we are big, small, fat, or thin
a place where hate has died no one
lies, where love has won and we all
have fun, that is where I go at night
when I close my eyes, a place where
love is still alive in my heart, mind, and
soul, a place where all of my children
and grandchildren can play safe there
is no rape, nobody is murdered, no
kidnapped kids any longer, that is the
place I go at night when I close my
eyes to sleep that is where I go to

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey


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