Forever know the tune

Forever know the tune

When we meet then fall in love we
would like to believe that it will be
for an eternity, walking down our
life's paths holding hands until the
ends of time, however, we all know
that forever is just a metaphor for
sorry I do not love you anymore I met
somebody else and so on so forth
now I want a divorce and then you
realize that forever is just a lie, at
least most of the time, anyways. But
not always so I need you to know
that you are in reality, only a leftover
memory or just a little piece of my
past still breathing deep down inside
of me, almost like a song or melody
one you hear all over the place as it
seems stuck inside of your head all
day-long everywhere you go hearing
it either as a whistle or the tap of a
pencil or maybe even somebody is
humming the tune almost like the
musical notes are just floating along
right there in the air and even though
you may not remember all the words
to the song, I will always and forever
know the tune as it is always playing
over inside of my mind or it could
be a piece of very beautiful poetry that
was crafted by a Poet with an extraordinary
ability to see inside of humanity one that
will move you to laugh and or cry as you
can feel every single word along with all
of the emotions causing you sadness,
anger, fear, and love that really and truly
felt as if you were actually standing right
there at that very moment in time living it
as he was spilling all of his ink coming
from somewhere down deep in the recesses
of his soul inside of him and you were all
of the reasons for his thoughts and all of
the raging fires coming from the passion
causing all the reasons for his many
inspirations in the incredible creations,
the beautiful muse of the menagerie in
the madness for all of the colors in
the art in his designs as he seeks out all the
answers that he has for so long sought to
find for all of the many questions he ever
had about love, life, death, and even the
sands of time of which he wished he had
much more of when he once had all of your
love while holding you in his arms late
at night laying down by the fireplace
keeping warm drinking a bottle of white
wine while making love to you like no
other could, only a part or pieces of all
of those things I can remember the most
ever since you have been gone and I just
want you to know that all of our love will
always live on no matter if you have
moved on in the essence of every word
carried by the ink being spilled within
every line that is written which will go
past an eternity living in all of my dreams
forever and always inside of me.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey


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