A chance to win

A chance to win

I never really ever get a chance to
win against love, always screwing
up I think it has me by a score of
at least ten to one, so if you are a
betting man which I am not then
you should place a big money bet
against me and you will double
your odds that love comes out on
top. For many years now myself and
love have gone round after round
always ending up in the same place
with me laying flat on the ground just
trying hard to stand back up usually
though I do not make it all that far
before love comes back just to kick
me hard in my gut wanting to make
sure that I never get back up. The
war will continue between true love
and I while I am losing battle after
battle as it beats the hell out of me
in hand to hand combat while we are
both locked away like those MMA
fighters in a cage on cable TV while
Viva Las Vegas has the option on me
coming in at a million to one odds in
favor that I just may win for once I
would not even take that bet but it is
the last round and I am fading fast
here I am up against ropes I will never
last if I get knocked out before the end
of the fight today I am going to throw in
the white towel, give up and I am done
and I will walk away from love but if I
can go toe to toe fist to fist until the
very end of this round maybe there just
might be a chance that I can go on to
win, the one thing I do have square in
my sites is to try to find my true love
for once before I die and one other thing
I do have going for me is that I do not
ever give up very easily.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey


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