Do not ever judge me for
you have never been where
I was or ever walked in my
shoes nor have you seen
what I have seen or even heard
the things that I have heard
Do not ever judge me for the
things I may say or what
I might even write you
have never seen the wars
I am in or ever fought
in any of the battles that
I now fight
Do not ever judge me on
the clothing that I wear you
have never lived a day in
my life or been where I
have lived or felt any of
my stress or strife
Do not ever judge me on
the color of my skin the one
which I was born you have
no idea how I have been
treated or all of my hate
and scorn
Do not ever judge me for
you are not my God we
are not on judgment day
or at the gates of heaven
and you are not Peter the
Do not ever judge me unless
you can judge yourself
then maybe you can stand
up to tell your own story
and leave mine alone for
the people that stand there 
and judge all others should
stand in front of all who they
have judged to be tried then
judged themselves.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey


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