Forever never ends

Every love poem a Poet spills ink on is almost always the truth at least in the soul and heart of the poet who wrote it, for there is usually a pair of lips wearing ruby red lipstick or a first kiss a first date falling making believing in love that has blossomed today, or the thought of love tomorrow, or even a memory from yesterday that is haunting him or her, and this piece of poetry is no different, who she is may just be conjecture and I shall never say and she may never tell but those feelings are still here and now and will always be just as they have always been.

Forever never ends

It was at least for me anyways
so very good to see you again
today, all I know is that a miss you
more every time you are around me
because that is when I start to have
all of those feelings that are of
happiness and joy that I know will
never end for wherever it is we are
no matter who we are with you will
always have me as I shall always
have you in our hearts and souls,
until the very end of days when the
night takes back its home, maybe no
longer lovers no, but at least all of
those memories will live inside of
us forever but always closer than
just friends, so seeing you again is
like the very time that I laid my eyes
upon you and this deep down never
ending pounding in my chest first
started as my heart said to both me
and my soul she is the one that we
have been waiting for and it still
believes that today, I can still
Remember when I walked into the
room and you were sitting there on
that chair like you owned the place
and cared about nothing else at all.
Looking so damn sexy you drove me
to crazy than when you looked up and
into my eyes, things begin to spin out
of control when it finally stopped I
had lived a whole lifetime with you so
I wanted to take you right there on the
floor and hell be damned who saw us
I did not care but instead, I excuse myself
to take care of what you did to me
with every stroke of my thoughts it
got harder and harder to breathe, then
my Imagination had you right
there in front of me with nothing
on more to see except that beautiful
smile across your face while
you were looking straight up at me
while you were down on your knees
I knew I had to have you, and from
that moment on you would become
known in my mind as the woman I
should have taken with me into
forever and if I ever had the chance
to go back in time I would go to that
very place to that beautiful night just
you and I all alone dancing together
face to face then slowly as our lips first
touched and we got our first taste of
what could have been, I only wish now
that should have stayed there with you
frozen like a photograph in that very
moment of forever living in just that
memory over and over again then
forget everything about this date and
time of silent screams and nightmares
as my world, today would be almost
perfect like a dream or fairytale that
started once upon a time a man met
a woman he thought was an angel
so he asked her to marry him she said
yes, and they lived happily ever after.
We have both been through so very
much as we lived our lives apart yet
somehow always managed to keep
in touch even when others tried to
keep us apart, we each are trying hard
to live in our own lives yet seeing the
other through another's eyes always
searching for what was lost and even
though you do not know, our souls today
still, dance toe to toe waiting until they
have the chance again to be reborn so
that they may begin to search for each
other and fall in love again with one
another waiting until this chapter ends
then letting another story begin over
and over through eternities forever
never ends.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey


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